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Home page
Welcome to Pot 1.3

This site contain a sample of what Pot can do
  • the site itself is created using Pot.
  • all the pages are generated by only one
    Php script
    called 'index.php' .
  • The templates are converted in real time.

Sample projects:
microlens.jpg Go to the AddressPot
microlens.jpg Go to the Bookmark manager (NEW)
microlens.jpg Go to the CMSPot
Note: the demo are a bit slow due to the Sourceforge server bandwidth limitations
To see a full speed site please look at my personal home site
(link is located on the bottom)

microbaloon.jpg Click here for a quick tour
and understand the basic principles behind it.

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© 2005 - 2017 Pot is created by Gerardo Iula
For any question, feedback, collaborations, please feel free to contact me at dinojedi@libero.it
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Also you can visit my personal Homesite (made with Pot of course):